Star Trek-A-Day (Day 17). May 7th, 2013. DS9: Crossover


I only recently watched and wrote about the classic original series episode, “Mirror, Mirror,” and I mentioned how much it surprised me. I mentioned how much darker it was than I expected. Well, Crossover deals with Kira and a fellow crewmember (I’ve repeatedly said how much I am still unfamiliar with the majority of the cast of Deep Space 9) as they cross into the Mirror Universe via a glitch in the wormhole. With Deep Space 9, as well as Voyager, I’ve only seen the high concept episodes or the episodes that take place in alternate realities, this being another one of those, I haven’t really seen the crews of both shows in their ‘normal’ realities.
That being said, this is such a terrific episode that I can’t wait to see more of DS9 taking on the Mirror Universe. I do know that there are about 4 or 5 more episodes so it’s something to look forward to. So Kira runs into her Mirror Universe counterpart, and instantly Mirror Kira knows what is going on. She brings up the name of Captain James T. Kirk, and well that of course will give me goose-bumps every time. It turns out that Kirk did have a huge effect on the Mirror Universe. Now things weren’t too good back when Kirk first crossed over as we knew that Mirror Kirk had killed many, among other things, but here things are that much darker.
Mirror Spock did heed Kirk’s advice and changed things for the better, but that only meant that his crew was vulnerable to attack. They were attacked and were victims of an alliance between the Klingons and the Cardassians. I’m not too familiar with DS9, I’ll mention one more time, so some of the things pass me. However, it doesn’t really take background to notice how bad things are as Kira and crew rule with an iron fist and even employ very hard labor with a race that they believe are inferior. As with the original episode ‘Mirror, Mirror’ it’s fun to see the same actors and characters that we know and watch them have fun as they mostly play complete opposites of their original characters.
Here we see Kira as much sexier, much more confident and definitely more in charge. Certain characters, like Spock in the original, pretty much remain the same. O’Reilly is pretty much the same, except he’s way more down on his luck and he doesn’t find it believable as to how good his counterpart has it. Quark is a bit more sympathetic and tries to help others, which leads to his execution. Again, as I mentioned, things are pretty dark. Then there’s Odo, who’s pretty much reduced to a horrible slave master, a hater of humans.
I kept waiting to see Sisko and wondered if he’d actually be excluded from the fun. Of course I was dead wrong as he ended up playing a huge part in the Mirror Universe. It was fun to see Avery Brooks ham it up, almost playing a Han Solo type character and towards the end of the episode, being the reason Kira and her crewmember get back to their Universe. As the episode neared its end, it seemed as if things would be wrapped up in a nice little bow, however I kind of forgot that this is Deep Space 9 and things don’t really work that way nor do the characters always get a happy ending. As Mirror Sisko and his crew leave the ship and head off into their own, you get the feeling that things are only getting started. Just knowing that we will see more of the Mirror Universe, it makes me that much more invested, and well, I’m really looking forward to it.


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