Star Trek-A-Day (Day 16). May 6th, 2013. Voyager: Relativity


Relativity may have been too ambitious and complicated for its own good, but it still manages to be a very fun episode of Voyager. The fun comes from watching the characters jump through time (Well, only Seven of Nine really does that), just don’t think about it too much or else you’ll get a headache. I’m not suggesting plot holes or anything like that. Relativity seems to have everything together; it’s smart and does make sense when really thinking about it, but perhaps it tries a little too hard and confuses way too much.

When taken as an episode of fun and enjoyment, well then yes we have a classic episode. It’s not super light by any means since the crew of the Relativity is trying to stop the Voyager from being destroyed, but things also never really seem to dark. I like how this episode focuses on Seven of Nine and Jeri Ryan does wonderful work in her showcase. It’s not any kind of secret that Seven of Nine is both sexy and gorgeous (even for a former Borg) so any episode that decides to devote the majority of its running time to her is probably going to be a winner in any viewer’s eye.

 So, the crew of the Relativity; who exactly are they? They are a crew from about the 29th century (probably the furthest we’ve ever jumped ahead) and are in charge of maintaining the timeline and stopping anyone from interfering with it since the element of time travel is so huge in the Star Trek universe. It’s a really cool idea but it also makes you wonder about where they were when certain individuals actually did affect the timeline in a huge way. This crew isn’t really a part of Starfleet per say, but they do have good intentions. Well, at least most of them do.

I won’t get too much into the actual time jumps or the more confusing parts for the reasons I previously mentioned, but rather just talk about some of the things that I found enjoyable. The effects on the show are pretty good, but for whatever reason I sometimes I forget that Voyager actually ended around the year 2000. I mention this because of how good the opening shot of the space, the space station and all of its ships looked; not too bad at all. Seeing Captain Janeway aboard her ship before it had actually launched into an actual mission yet reminded me a lot of Captain Archer, the Enterprise and First Flight. It was good seeing Janeway in such a stress-free environment since we of course know how much things will soon change.

I find the idea of the crew of the Relativity so fascinating. I am pro the Prime Directive so the Temporal Prime Directive I am also in favor of. I find the little nods to past Captains and how much they have interfered with that directive to be a nice touch anytime it is referred to. Here we find out that even though Captain Janeway hasn’t interfered too much yet, she soon will be one of the ones who violates it the most. I also find it extremely fascinating how far in time it does jump ahead since the Relativity lets Seven of Nine know that they are from about 500 years into HER future. We’ll get into more of the Relativity crew soon as we explore another Enterprise episode and how much the timeline would be affected with the absence of Captain Archer. In the meantime, this one stands tall all on its own.


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