Star Trek-A-Day (Day 15). May 5th, 2013. TOS: Assignment: Earth


What the hell did I just watch? I really was super selective when picking out the list for this Star Trek-A-Day series of articles. I thought I had chosen the best of the best and I certainly thought that there would be no duds. Assignment: Earth had all the things that I believed were required to deliver a classic Star Trek episode. What was not to like, it has a great title and a great premise and yet after watching the episode, I could not help but think to myself, “What the hell was that?”

This was the first and hopefully only true dud in this short but sweet Star Trek-A-Day. Even thinking about it now I shake my head and am left with several questions. Who in the hell was the guy who transported on the Enterprise? Seriously, I still don’t know. Maybe I wasn’t watching close enough but I just felt like all of this was so unnecessary. So the whole time, he really was trying to help? Well then, why didn’t he just say that and really explain what he was up to. Instead he just gave us, and Captain Kirk, the run around and wasted everybody’s time. That’s probably the only time when I actually felt like I had wasted my time watching an episode of Star Trek.

The Original Series wasn’t all rainbows and classic episodes. It had some stinkers, but I never felt like any of those episodes were as much of a waste of time as this one was. I have no idea what anyone involved in this was aiming for. I’m not really avoiding talking about the things that actually happened in the episode, it’s just that NOTHING really happened. Things lacked focus and so many things were either confusing or just flat out unnecessary. Safe to say that this is an episode that I will never revisit, and it’s best to just stop thinking about it altogether.


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