Star Trek-A-Day (Day 12) May 2nd, 2013. DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations


I still find it somewhat amazing that this is only the second Deep Space 9 episode that I have seen. When you consider how my first episode watched was ‘Far Beyond the Stars’ and all of the characters were without make-up and thus not in character, well then this would technically be the first DS9 episode I’ve seen that doesn’t really take place in an alternate reality. I love how light this episode feels.

Sisko is in trouble, being asked questions about his foray back through time and yet Sisko seems to have a smile on his face the entire time. This episode was such a cool idea and I absolutely loved every second of it. Before I get more into this, let me first admit that I still have not seen the original series episode ‘The Trouble with Tribbles.’ I did that on purpose and wanted to see how it would play by watching this episode first. Now, I’m really curious how I’ll find that episode after watching this one first as well as some of the clips from that episode.

I found the opening brilliant even if I knew the events that were unfolding right before my eyes. Somehow the DS9 crew travel back through time and suddenly has a ship approaching them. Things are a bit blurry so they can’t exactly see what it is. As things come into focus, Sisko and his crew realize that it’s the Enterprise from the original series timeline. Again, this was such a cool idea. I’m starting to avoid spoilers from all things I watch now, so I was quite curious as to how they would pull this off.

Much like Sisko, I found myself smiling an awful lot throughout this episode. Watching Sisko and his crew throw on the old Starfleet uniforms (yellow for Sisko and yes even the female uniforms) made me giddy. Seeing Kirk, Spock and Bones among others while the DS9 crew was in the background, yeah that’d excite just about any Star Trek fan. I know it excited this fan. Things never seemed too serious even though we were told that a genetically engineered Klingon was attempting to kill Kirk. You just knew things would be okay, this episode was mostly fan service.

It was also an interesting idea to feature the original series era Klingons all the while having Worf right there in the same dining hall. The DS9 crew asks Worf why those Klingons have no ridges on their foreheads while Worf quietly answers, “It’s something we don’t discuss with outsiders.” Sure, they had a chance at perhaps explaining the oddity, choosing to keep things a mystery instead. It was probably for the best anyways.

I didn’t realize that Quark was missing until he was shown in the closing seconds of the episode. I still look forward to seeing more of the hideous-looking Quark and to seeing if this is more than just a one-dimensional character. DS9 has been known to be the darkest of the Star Trek series, and while I will get to that in future episodes, it’s always refreshing to change things up and almost play with those expectations. Oh, and seeing Sisko walk up to Captain Kirk and shake his hand as well as the rest of the crew idolizing Kirk, yeah that was just icing on the cake.


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