Star Trek-A-Day (Day 9) April 29th, 2013. Voyager: Deadlock


I liked the ambition of this episode, but for whatever reason I wasn’t really feeling it. What I did like a lot however, were Captain Janeway’s interaction with herself. I’ve only seen two Voyager episodes, well two and part of the pilot, but I liked her here more than in those other episodes. I felt she was well-balanced and could see why she was the Captain of Voyager.
I felt like at times, the episode was too complicated for its own good. While I do appreciate how the episode wasn’t at all dumbed down, it also didn’t feel too natural. Maybe it was because of a lack of paying close attention, but at one point during Deadlock, I lost track of which Voyager crew was actually the original one. I have no idea if this was intentional or if like I said, this was because I spaced out for a bit, but in a way it ended up benefiting the episode and premise of the show.
I chose to believe that there was a bait-and-switch, even if that’s not what the writers intended or what actually happened. It became clear real quick that one of the crews would be destroyed via-self sacrifice, but really I just lost track of which one was which. It doesn’t feel too good admitting that, but I still stand by my opinion that it was too complicated for its own good.
Now of course Star Trek is known for inserting well known actors in small roles or cameos, I laughed at that occurrence in this episode. Now, the actor I’m referring to is not really that famous but even under all that heavy make-up and prosthetics, I still only recognized one of the enemy invaders as Tom from Cougar Town. I felt like the make-up and prosthetics on said enemy race was reaching too far and didn’t really work. Again, it’s my opinion and I have no idea if they had appeared prior to this episode, which I’ll just assume that they did.
While I didn’t love the episode as a whole or as much as I did ‘Timeless,’ I still felt like there were a couple of things that did work and I at least applaud its ambition and for not really playing it safe. What ‘Deadlock’ did more than anything else though was keep me intrigued. It maintains my curiosity and I’m still looking forward to checking out several more episodes before official reaching my consensus on Voyager.


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