Star Trek-A-Day (Day 6) April 26th, 2013. Enterprise: Shuttlepod One


-The majority of this episode takes place on the small shuttlepod that Trip and Lt. Reed are stuck on. I had forgotten what a funny episode this was. Most of the laughs come from the interaction between Trip and Reed. Throw in the fact that they believe they will die, and the stakes are raised that much more. We do have some short scenes taking place on the Enterprise with the rest of the regular crew, but most of it is just there to service the main premise of the episode, which of course is Reed and Trip are presumably all alone, separated from the rest of the crew.
Right at the start of the episode, they see a chunk of the Enterprise in an asteroid field. They believe that the Enterprise has been destroyed and the crew dead. Now, right after we are shown that the crew is fine, but Trip and Reed do not know that so we get their reaction and how they would handle their last days alive. Lt. Reed has never had a bigger episode and he sure takes advantage of it. He gets to display everything he has. Reed provides most of the comedy, unintentionally of course, and we also get to see some of his sleaze as he dreams about T’Pol.
I liked the way the episode just started with the two on the shuttlepod without really going into full detail as to what happened. Instead, we get small pieces being filled in during the episode. Things do look grim for the two, but since the two are regular cast members, you never really think that the two will get killed off. At least you don’t think it would happen in a random episode in the middle of the first season. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen, but I guess it would have been a better event.
Enterprise, much like the original series, almost seems to start fresh with each episode; hardly carrying the affects from the previous episode. If I could change anything about the episode, that is what I would change. It was such a traumatizing event and the fact that the two barely survived, I felt like that should have been explored further in the next episode. Those battle scars don’t just go away so it would have been nice to see the two still holding on to that experience. Enterprise wouldn’t start with the story arcs until season 3 starting with the attack on Earth by the Xindi and entering the Expanse.
I love how personal the episode felt since it mostly featured two characters stuck in a small, compared to the Enterprise, shuttlepod. As I said before, Lt. Reed had the chance to do so many things. At times it was heartfelt as we got to see Reed record some goodbyes to the people he was close to and at times it was hilarious as he gave the same goodbyes to several different women he was close to. Sure we knew that the Enterprise would swoop in at the last minute, but that certainly didn’t take anything away from the episode and things still didn’t really look good for the two. The best episodes of Enterprise are the ones that attempt to separate itself from the rest of the Star Trek series. Enterprise is set a hundred years before the original series so it’s great when it actually remembers that and shows that brand new sense of exploration as well as how truly dangerous all of this is.


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