Star Trek-A-Day (Day 5) April 25th, 2013. TOS: Mirror, Mirror


This is perhaps the most famous Star Trek episode of all-time. Even people who have never seen an episode of Star Trek have seen images or heard things about this episode. The thing that sticks out most from this episode would be ‘evil’ Spock’s goatee. Now of course, parallel Spock isn’t really evil at all, yet it’s one of the assumptions people just happen to make. Even in the mirror universe, Spock has retained much of the same qualities that defines who he is. We’ll get to more of that in a bit.
Now, I have seen all of Season 1 from the original series, as well as episodes scattered throughout seasons 2 and 3, but I had not seen this episode yet. For whatever reason, I kept pushing it off. Maybe it just seemed like too big of an episode or even too broad. Now while actually watching the episode, I was surprised to find out how wrong most of those thoughts were. This episode ranks among the greatest Star Trek episodes of all-time. It manages to stay grounded in reality even with such an insane premise.
What I took home most from this episode however, was Sulu. Sulu has always been kind of a shady character. Always smiling like a goof, especially in the films following the original series. I never realized how much I hated Sulu until this episode. Seeing how ‘mirror’ Sulu acts just really pushed that hate over the top and cemented him as my most hated character in the series. I know it’s supposed to be the opposite and all of the worst traits of the actual character that exists in our actual timeline, but what it actually did for me was confirm what I had thought all along.
Uhura on the other hand, has never looked better. Good or evil, she should always be wearing the uniform that originated from the mirror universe. It has really nothing to do with any of the major things happening in the episode, but rather just a random observation. I liked Spock’s line about how he knew something fishy was going on and the line that closed the episode, “It’s easy for men to act like barbarians, not so easy for barbarians to act like men.”
It was interesting finding out how different things were in the mirror universe. Kirk was just a flat out evil person, no shades of gray and was said to have killed 50 to 100 men. It was also interesting that despite how everything was so flipped inside out, Spock pretty much remained Spock. I like Kirk trying to convince Spock to take control and how he had the chance to change things. One man can change things, however, I’m not sure Kirk actually realized what he might have just started. The mirror universe is such an interesting idea, one that the other Star Trek series also tackled. It’ll be interesting to check those out as well and possibly see the affects of Kirk’s actions.


4 thoughts on “Star Trek-A-Day (Day 5) April 25th, 2013. TOS: Mirror, Mirror

  1. It’s tough to say it because of my love for Captain Kirk and the original series, but I think that Captain Archer is my favorite as well. I just re-watched Dear Doctor for an upcoming Star Trek-A-Day and as much as it is a showcase episode for Dr. Phlox, it also really shines on Archer and shows why he is such a great Captain. His speech at the end of the episode is so iconic.

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