Star Trek-A-Day: (Day 2) April 22nd 2013: Voyager: Timeless


I mentioned in the previous entry how I have never seen a full episode of Voyager, so yes this was my first one. Even though this was the first time I made it through an episode, I did attempt to watch an episode previously. Mostly out of curiosity, I attempted to watch the pilot episode of Voyager. Now, let me be clear that I didn’t find it horrible or anything like that. I loved its interesting premise and did feel that it had potential, but I also felt like it was just sooo long.
Now, I didn’t go in completely cold as I did so some research on some of the characters. I’m still not comfortable with any of the names besides Captain Janeway and Ensign Harry Kim. The fact that I remember Harry so vividly is a curious one but I feel like that has to do with the way he was introduced and was almost hustled by Quark in one of the opening scenes. The rest of the cast, at this point, is reduced to stereotypes. Not to be offensive, but there’s the black Vulcan, the female Klingon, and the holographic Doctor to name a few. It’s a pretty big cast so not watching the full pilot hurt some of my ability to remember the names.
So with the first full episode of Voyager that I actually watched, I jumped to its 100th episode, Timeless. By this time, the cast has gotten even bigger as I had the pleasure of watching Seven of Nine, played by the beautiful Jeri Ryan. Having jumped ahead several seasons, something that I despise, I actually didn’t feel too lost or confused. This had the makings of a classic episode right from the beginning. I had some high hopes and it certainly delivered on those expectations.
If you’re reading this then the chances are that you probably have seen the episode so I won’t really go into detail, breaking down the episode. Instead I’ll just focus on some of the things I liked and that intrigued me. I’m still getting used to Captain Janeway. Not because she’s a woman of course, but rather because of that voice. It’s important that she feels like a natural leader, instead of just a woman who is trying to prove that she belongs and can do anything a male captain can do.
Time travel episodes or films are often too complicated for their own good. It’s best when they are kept simple, which is something that is so hard to do with an idea so huge like time travel. Everything involving time travel with this episode however, just worked. I love the way things were paced and cut. Not knowing exactly what happened, at least for a short time, was such a great idea. I loved the ending of the episode with the future Harry recording a message for past Harry. It felt like I was watching something special and this episode alone has sold me on the Voyager series, and has at least built-up enough curiosity for me to give it a second chance.
I realize that not every episode will be as good as this one, but I’m still willing to give it a chance (once I’m done with Enterprise, TNG, and DS9 of course). Now, I know I neglected talking about the majority of things that happened in the episode as well as the short cameo by Levar Burton. Well, I’ll avoid embarrassment at this point since I am still very unfamiliar with this show and its characters. I can say, however, that I was very impressed by Timeless.


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