Star Trek-A-Day: (Day 1): April 21st, 2013: Enterprise: Broken Bow


-To say that I am amped up for Star Trek Into Darkness would be the understatement of the year. I am pumped up! So to prepare and distract myself for the film, I thought I’d begin a new series titled, ‘Star Trek-A-Day.” It’s a pretty simple premise: I watch an episode set in the Star Trek universe, all five live-action series will be represented as well as two feature films. Just thought I’d point out a few things first. I have never seen a frame of footage from Deep Space 9. Going into this series, I also have not seen a full episode of Voyager. Enterprise on the other hand, I am in the midst of watching and am only in the early stages of Season 3 so I will strictly stick to episodes that I have already seen, mostly from Seasons 1 and 2. There will be no skimming of random episodes for Enterprise like I am doing with the rest of the shows. I will do 26 of these entries. One might get posted on the same day as another one, but either way, 26 will be posted and I already have the list picked out. The majority of episodes I have selected I have not seen yet so this should be fun. Enough of that, let’s get started.
The first episode I watched for this series and that I will discuss is the pilot double episode for Enterprise, Broken Bow. It was such a different experience watching this episode for the second time. The first time watching it, everything was new and unfamiliar. After getting to know these characters for 50 or so episodes, well it’s an entirely different feeling. The first time around I was definitely still intrigued, but more than anything I just felt like it was really long.
The idea of starting off the new series with a double episode is something that was done with all four Star Trek series that followed the original series. I gave Voyager a chance and well, still haven’t gone to the finish of that one. Same with The Next Generation. Having not seen DS9 yet, I still feel fairly comfortable saying that Enterprise has had the best pilot episode. I really love the authentic feel that this show has. That sense of exploration and breaking new ground is really there. It should be a big deal that this is the first time humans are really going out to explore the universe. Enterprise does feel like a big deal, and things are developed so quickly.
While a lot of it feels so new, this is Star Trek so of course a lot of familiar things are also shown. Humans are first introduced to Klingons, the transporter and phaser pistols, and that is just the beginning. It was great getting to see some of the things that I missed the first time around because of the unfamiliarity with the show. Watching the episode again, I just noticed how much the episode made me smile. It felt nowhere near as long and I was ready to watch some more. When choosing what episode to start this experimental column with, Broken Bow really felt like a no-brainer.


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