The Over-Correction: How I Met Your Mother Thoughts

Swing....and a miss!
Swing….and a miss!

Season 8, Episode 10

So, Barney and Patrice are a couple? Yeah, I’m not really buying it. Something about the pairing and the way Barney is acting seems a bit off. After Barney’s break-up with Quinn, he decided to go back to his old ways in a rather extreme way. It wasn’t anything new though since Barney did the same thing back in Season 5 when he and Robin broke up.

Now it seems to be going too far into the other direction. I may just come off as complaining too much, but I prefer if they settled for somewhere in the middle instead. I love Barney’s maturation and evolution through the series, but this thing with Patrice just does not feel authentic at all.

Before I decide to focus some more on the main plot from this week’s episode, let me get into some of the other stuff first. Aside from reuniting with Victoria and then breaking up with her soon after, Ted hasn’t really had much to do this year. It has been rather disappointing since Ted has shined and made the most out of his minimal screen time. After leaving Victoria in his past for good, he just hasn’t really had too much to do.

Well, it continues in this episode as once again, Ted plays the forgotten man. Sure, the writers dig up the usually reliable red cowboy boots, but beyond that, nothing else really sticks out. Ted’s whole story this week has to do with items that he lent his friends in the past and that were never returned. That’s it. There’s no word yet on whether the show will continue past this season, so until a decision is made we are treating it as if this season is the end. With so little time left, it seems a bit odd that the titular character of the series seems stuck on auto-pilot and finds himself with so little to do.

How I Met Your Mother is known for attempting to introduce new things such as the lemon law, graduation goggles, the mermaid theory and now it’s the over-correction. Some of them work out and well some seem as if they are trying too hard. I feel like this falls into the trying too hard section.

So what is an over-correction? Basically, once you break-up with someone, as a way of attempting to deal with your hurt, you decide to then date someone completely different than your former partner. Yes, this refers to Barney and Patrice but it also deals with another very unlikely pairing.

Marshall’s mother, Judy, has made a very tough decision which is that she is ready to get back out there after and start dating. I felt like it was an interesting and very honest place to go. However, I seemed to have forgot for a second that this is a sitcom so those honest explorations were instead cancelled and replaced as they decided to go for the quick laugh, and really it wasn’t even funny in the slightest. We quickly find out that Marshall’s mother has been hooking up with Lily’s father.

I believe that the writers were going for the gross-out factor, and since Lily’s father is such an annoying and disgusting character, well, there goal was achieved. It’s just a road that they shouldn’t have traveled down and is more weird than anything. Thoughts of last season’s episode, Noretta, come to mind. I prefer not to think about Lily’s father having sex with anyone, so I hope this is the last time anything like this ever happens.

So, once again I say, Barney and Patrice? I’m not really a person who focuses solely on a person’s physical appearance, but, I mean come on, this is Barney we are talking about. As much as Barney has grown and evolved, he hasn’t evolved this much. Patrice is a nice enough person, but I just do not buy in any way that Barney is physically attracted to Patrice.

I do feel like however, that Barney is attempting to become a better person, instead of remaining that scared little boy who is afraid of getting hurt. The man has constantly put himself out there for Robin only to be denied time after time. More than anything, that reminds of how frustrating their little cat-and-mouse game has been. I understand it’s a sitcom, but who says that the two can’t just get together and stay together already?

It’s not such a crazy theory to put a couple together that everyone wants to see together, instead of just alienating your fan base by continuing to play these unnecessary games. It’d be a different thing if we were in the second or third year of the series, but we are in the eighth and most likely final season. More than anything, I find it somewhat disappointing that we are even to the point where this has become a major discussion and subject on the show.

I felt like it was a good episode, but then I think about it more, and begin to wonder why it leaves me with such a sour taste in my mouth. As I said earlier, something just feels off with this episode and this show at the moment. I can’t quite put my finger on it though so perhaps these first ten episodes will look much better down the line and when the whole picture has been painted. For now however, I feel like this show needs a spectacular episode to break it out of its slump and turn this season around.

I have steered clear of spoilers but it seems as if CBS is advertising big things to come in the next two episodes that will both air this Monday. I never want to be one of those people who constantly talk about what a great show this used to be. I choose to remain positive, but I will also say that big things is exactly what the show needs right now.


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