How I Met Your Mother Thoughts: Lobster Crawl

Just do it already...
Just do it already…

Season 8, Episode 9

There were a lot of things to like from this week’s episode, but one of the things that I did not like was what they seem to be doing with Barney and Robin at this point in the season and series. We seem to have hit a point where one of the two decides they want the other, the other rejects and then they just switch. More than anything else, it’s frustrating.

Last week, after being denied by Robin, Barney declared that he was done chasing her. So what happens this week? Robin wants what she can’t have so now she attempts to seduce Barney one more time. What I can respect is that Robin and the show are both honest with their intentions and make it clear that she only wants to seduce Barney because she knows she can’t have him and sees it as a challenge.

What I cannot really respect is that it doesn’t make Robin look too good. Robin may be lying to herself in saying that she only wants to have sex with him one more time because she knows he has shut the door, but that may be a bit of a stretch since no evidence really points towards that.

So what it comes down to is that she is playing with Barney’s heart as if it were some board game. Knowing Robin and knowing that she does have feelings for and cares for Barney, you wonder how she could do such a thing. I’ll give it to Robin though, she was looking pretty good throughout the episode. Whether she was in her Tomb Raider outfit or dressed down in the lingerie, it’s hard to see how Barney could turn her down.

I’ve mentioned before when Barney was reverting back to acting like an idiot how I hoped that his behavior would somehow be linked to his hurt and his recent break-up with Quinn, well that was finally addressed in the episode. It may have been a bit too on the nose as we had Barney straight up come out and say how all of the stuff he had been doing was because how much trouble he was having handling the break-up. Regardless of how it was revealed, however, at least it explains some of his foolish behavior and in some way will make those episodes that much better.

Let’s talk about the ending involving Barney and Robin’s friend (or is it enemy?) Patrice. It was pretty bizarre and I still don’t really know how I feel about it. Much like Barney got rejected by Robin two weeks ago, this week it’s Robin’s turn as she now gets rejected by Barney. It seems the two are locked in some twisted game where each is afraid to fully commit to the other out of a very rationale fear of being hurt. Perhaps if there was some guarantee that if the two would give in to each other, both would be happy and there would be no looking back, then the two could finally become that happy couple, but life does not work that way and instead you have to take those chances even if it means getting hurt.

The bizarre part of the ending was that Barney rejected Robin in order to talk to Patrice. I’m pretty sure that they are not trying to push any kind of romantic relationship between Barney and Patrice, I believe it has more to do with Barney needing someone to talk to. Having said that, it doesn’t make too much sense as to why it would be Patrice to provide that shoulder when you have Lily and Ted there as people that Barney has been able to talk to. This is where I feel that the writers attempt to go for some misdirection, but really it just ends up insulting our intelligence.

The other story had to do with Ted taking care of baby Marvin and while it did provide some good laughs, it wasn’t too memorable. It was played for laughs that Ted was crossing certain boundaries with baby Marvin and that he, not Lily and Marshall, was witnessing all of the baby’s first major accomplishments, but in reality it wouldn’t really be too funny. Lily and Marshall didn’t really find it too funny, but they didn’t seem to do much about it besides cry in what was supposed to be a funny way.

I just wasn’t feeling it. It turns out that Ted was doing all of these things because he had a void in his life that tied to his architectural career, but I wasn’t really buying it. I guess it would have made more sense if it tied to his desire to finally find his wife and start a family of his own. It does feel like a missed opportunity and a bit of sloppy writing. I did like the final scene though that took place a little ways down the road to when Ted would have his baby girl. Marshall and Lily would get their revenge on Ted as they would witness one of his daughter’s major milestones while he was away.

The future seems way more promising to me than the present for whatever reason so those scenes that take place a little ways down the road will always be a hit with me. We all like to believe that things will get better and be okay so when we see scenes like that where things are okay, it’s reassuring and brings a smile to my face. In reality, things may not be okay, but on this show we do have a guaranteed happy ending and to me that has always been my favorite aspect of this show.

It’ll be interesting to see where we go from here and how much longer they will drag out the will they/won’t they aspect of Barney and Robin’s relationship. The more they do drag it out, I guarantee, the more that people will get upset so the sooner they get together, the better. We know that the show ends with their wedding so why not actually start building towards that slowly? At this point, it seems like instead of doing that, they might just rush it towards the end.


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