Splitsville: How I Met Your Mother Thoughts

Nothing holding them back anymore.

Season 8, Episode 6

So we are one quarter through the season and possibly the series, and things continue to move forward at a rapid pace. We were promised the Autumn of Break-ups way back in the second episode of the season, back when there was a record of four couples standing. Tonight we saw what might end up being the final break-up of the series occur as Robin and Nick are no more. Of course, nothing is going to happen with Marshall and Lily so I almost purposely choose to neglect them.

I felt like this was another worthy addition to the wonderful catalog of episodes in this series, however, I only have one minor complaint. In the previous episode, which dealt with the break-up of Ted and Victoria, we didn’t really see a whole lot of Victoria. In this episode where we knew that Robin and Nick wouldn’t make it to the closing credits as a couple, we saw a whole lot of Nick. In fact, Nick might have been featured more than even the regular cast members. Nick’s a likeable enough guy and I have nothing against the actor playing him, but if given the choice, I’d rather see more of Victoria any day.

What else bothered me? Well, I didn’t really like the way that Nick’s character was seemingly re-written just for the sake of this episode. Now, to credit the writers a bit with a bit of a back-handed compliment, Nick wasn’t really featured too much before this episode so it might not be too much of a contradiction that suddenly Nick is the dumbest person on the planet. That being said, I still felt that his ignorance was pushed a little too far and was way too cartoonish.

Ted took a back-seat this week after being the focus of last week’s episode, but in his limited screen time, Mr. Mosby still managed to shine. I loved the idea of his basketball team made up of his architect buddies. The T-Squares name was perfect, and I loved how the team put the actual basketball stuff on the back-burner and instead focused on the stuff involving architecture. Sure, it was a bit random that we never saw any of these buddies before, and most likely will never see them again, but I’ll give it a pass because of how funny it was.

The creators of the show, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, mentioned in several interviews back when Lily first got pregnant, that we would be seeing all of the important steps of parenthood in real time. Having a child was something that both Bays and Thomas went through and you felt that they wanted to show how it really was to go through all those steps. We did see it all from the announcement of the pregnancy to when the baby actually came out. Well, now we’re starting to focus on the effects of having a baby. We’ve seen Marshall and Lily exhausted out of their minds, we’ve seen them select a nanny, choose godfathers and even slowly adjusting to getting out of the house without baby Marvin. It was only logical that the next step that would be tackled would be the sex issue.

First off, I’m so proud of Jason Segel for getting back into shape. While the man will most likely never be as skinny as he was on Freaks and Geeks or even the first season of this show, it’s still great to see him in such great shape where he’s actually working out and showing off on the show. I drifted a bit, but the point of him working out like a maniac, and Lily being so turned on by everything was that the two have not had sex since before the baby was born. One would imagine that the whole sex after a baby issue wouldn’t necessarily be a great topic to talk about. Is she ready? When will she be ready? Questions like those certainly pop in my head, so I’m sure it also popped into the head of Marshall and Lily. I’m just glad that the situation was addressed instead of ignored.

Now let’s focus on the final break-up. The title of the episode once again played as a huge spoiler and you knew that Nick and Robin’s break-up would not be dragged on over the next several episodes, but rather it would be done in this episode, and only one episode after the Ted and Victoria split. I just love the way they handled both of the break-ups. Sure, we are still about 18 episodes away from the finale, but thinking about it like that, it’s not that far away. Ted has to be in the right place, physically and emotionally before he gets to that bench in Farhampton. Also, Robin and Barney have to become a couple and get engaged pretty soon since their wedding is not too far away.

It seemed like the Barney-Robin stuff was stalled for a while, and appropriately so since they were both in separate relationships, but now the gloves are off and those relationships are over. With the end of those relationships fresh in mind, we make a lot of progress as Barney’s feelings overlap with Robin breaking up with Nick. Barney shrugs it off like the passionate and very real speech that he has just given about Robin was just some fine acting, but we know, as do both Barney and Robin, that everything that he said was true. Yeah, a kiss is interrupted, but really it works better that way. The relationship isn’t rushed and the kiss doesn’t take place immediately after Robin becomes single. After this episode, however, I do expect things to move pretty fast. I’m not too worried really since the writers and creators of the series have really proven to me that they know what they are doing. They have their endgame in mind, and now the only thing remaining is to actually execute it.


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