How I Met Your Mother: Who wants to be a Godparent?

Game Night 2

Season 8, Episode 4

The new episodes are coming in fast and furious, but hey no complaints here. I have to say, it feels pretty exciting not really knowing what’s going to happen in the next episode or not finding out the episode title until a couple days before. With that out of the way, let’s get into this week’s episode. The premise for this week’s episode is pretty simple, Marshall and Lily have found their nanny, and now after having a small encounter with death, they decide that they should also name an alternate guardian, or godparent, for baby Marvin just in case something fatal should happen to them.

It’s not groundbreaking subject matter but it at least provides some laughs and entertainment as Marshall takes his love of games and creates a competition between Ted, Robin and Barney in order to see who will be named the guardian. This is the second straight week where we focus entirely on Marshall, Lily and baby Marvin, and while it’s certainly not a bad thing, and way better than having just introduced a baby and then pushing him off to the side, it can grow a bit repetitive. Here’s to hoping that in next week’s episode, Marshall and Lily’s baby is pushed to the background and we put some more focus on Ted or Robin.

Speaking of Ted and Robin, yes, the two are still in separate relationships that seem headed for doom. We see Victoria and Nick very early in the episode so one would think that they would be big parts of the episode, but it wasn’t meant to be as instead those scenes ended up being all we would see of the two. I really have to feel like Victoria, and to a lesser extent Nick, is/are being wasted. I just feel like why use them at all if they’re only going to be in brief fifteen second scenes. The two got way more screen time back in the second episode of this season, The Pre-Nup, so really I just assumed we would see more of the two couples. I feel like it’s a mistake not showing the two couples in a more of a happy place before things go south and they eventually break up.

Instead, we find out that the two are barely holding on as you wonder why are Ted and Robin wasting their time as well as Victoria and Nick’s. At least the brief scenes provided some laughter and we see Robin dressed in what appears to be her outfit from The Avengers, excited to finally take a ride on Nick’s motorcycle. Robin sees a bad-ass motorcycle which she assumes is Nick’s but then of course we are shown that no, wrong motorcycle, Nick drives a much (not so bad-ass) environment friendly motorcycle.

While it’s always great to see the beautiful Victoria laugh and smile, her scene wasn’t really too funny. Victoria pretty much tells Ted that since Victoria ran off with him, her father expects Ted to pay him back for the wedding. Victoria shucks it off as a funny joke by her father, but we later find out that Ted is supposedly making payments to the man, and acquired quite a reasonable interest rate…so Schmosby.

Anyways, on to the main storyline of the episode. Ever since baby Marvin was born and Marshall and Lily introduced their new rule, don’t come to us with any problems unless it’s an 8 or higher, I began to question their characters and whether this would be revisited. It just didn’t feel right for some reason, even though we know that yes, having a baby is a huge responsibility. I mean, seriously we got it, it’s not like we keep having to be reminded. Anyways, lucky for me, in this episode their one rule was revisited, discussed and the problem went away. Before we get into all of that though, let’s get into Marshall’s game: Who wants to be a Godparent?

We know that anytime the group gets together to play any type of games, we are in for quite the treat. This was never more evident than when they got together back in season 1’s Game Night, which also featured the wonderful Victoria and displayed that easy chemistry between her and Ted. A chemistry which I must say, isn’t really being fully explored right now. So unlike the game Marshall invented back then, this one is pretty straight forward: Lily spins the wheel and whatever it lands on, Ted, Robin and Barney must answer questions related to that topic. A sample question would be: How would you explain the birds and the bees to young Marvin?

It was a treat watching the three different characters and their distinctively different techniques and beliefs to raising a child. It’s never out of character as Barney remains Barney, Robin is Robin and well, Ted is Ted. Barney seems to have taken a couple steps back since breaking up with Quinn, and here we never really get the sense that he’d be a great father but instead we get just a bunch of jokes from him, wondering if he really believes in the stuff he spouts or if he’s just putting on a show. Robin, on the other hand is the most masculine of the three, which isn’t all that surprising as of course her father raised her as a boy. We get nothing that really sticks out with Robin as well, but much like Barney, at least it hits some funny notes.

Ted on the other hand, well we get exactly what we would expect from Ted. He does seem to be the one that is most ready to be a father, and in many ways is already there. I love his inability to say no a child and that he will most likely be a push-over rather than the stern and fair father that he desires to be. I really expected Ted to be the guardian but then things start to get really messy, as naming Ted and Robin the guardians will bring up questions like what about Barney and the such so I get that it made way more sense to just name all three of them the guardians. No complaints there really.

So back to that Lily and Marshall rule. Some of the events in the episode were played too dramatically and I can see both sides of the argument. I can’t understand the gang’s obsession with having Marshall and Lily at the bar with them and perhaps as weird as it is to say in a sitcom, Marshall and Lily have out-grown the bar. Perhaps they should just find other places to hang out or other things to do. Marshall and Lily realize that they don’t really know anything about what is going on currently in the lives of their best friends so this is where the decide that their rule is pretty dumb and decide that their friends can share whatever they want with them. It’s an easy solution that took too long to get to but hey at least that silly rule is out the window and just like that, Marshall and Lily become that much more likeable.


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