Thoughts on How I Met Your Mother: The Pre-Nup

A first and last.

Season 8, Episode 2: The Pre-Nup

Well, the first relationship bites the dust. At the beginning of the episode, future Ted tells us that a couple will break-up before episode’s end. Just like that, we head into a very serious episode, or so we think. Instead, we get the most over the top HIMYM episode in quite a while, well at least since last season’s Now We’re Even. We find out that all of the main characters are in relationships, which might be the first time the show has done that. I could be wrong but off the top of my head I do not think that Ted was in a relationship while Robin and Barney were a couple. We do not really get to see the aftermath of last week’s episode and what happened with Ted and Victoria and Barney and Quinn. Instead, we just immediately see them at episodes start, arguing.

Also arguing about random nonsense are Marshall and Lily and Robin and her new boyfriend, introduced last week, Nick. I say that they are arguing about nonsense because really that’s all it is. They just talk and argue about stuff that doesn’t really matter. Hey, we need all of these couples arguing at the same time, let’s not make it about stuff that matters though rather, let’s make it about ridiculous things. That’s how I felt at least. I felt like it was way more miss than hit this week, and found myself quite disappointed with how a lot of stuff was handled and how over the top most of the stuff was. I get that the future unreliable narrator gimmick allows for a lot of wiggle room, but even with that, I still found myself shaking my head more often than not. The situation that comes to mind most was the argument between Lily and Marshall and the way Marshall feels she is babying little Marvin a little too much. Marshall then tells us that when he was little his dad and brothers were pretty rough with him so we then flashback to baby Marshall being tossed around like a football. I have to say, it was pretty embarrassing how cartoonish it was.

The arguments were brought up by the episodes main storyline, Barney and Quinn’s pre-nup. I find nothing really wrong with a couple discussing and signing a pre-nup but here, well of course we wouldn’t really get a rationale discussion about it. Instead, we have Barney draw up some pretty insane demands. The way it developed, I just found myself disappointed In Barney a bit. It’s almost as if Barney wanted Quinn to run away and refuse to sign the pre-nup, which honestly might have been his intentions all along. Also, most of the demands weren’t really as funny as the show thought they were so really it was a double fail. Quinn, has a discussion with the rest of the ladies in the group and then decides to have some demands of her own. This is when it became obvious that the couple breaking-up would be Barney and Quinn. I thought they were done last week so really it’s not like it affected me too much, really we only got an extra week of the two as a couple. Their break-up did give us the most dramatic moment of the episode as Quinn asks Barney if she trusted her and then Barney asks Quinn the same question. They tell each other that they do not trust each other.

After last week and believing we had seen the last of Victoria it was a pleasant surprise to find out we would be spending at least a few more weeks with her. Ted and Victoria usually have great chemistry and it’s just great to see the two make each other smile, but of course we would not be getting that in this episode. Since we were promised a break-up, even if it wasn’t these two breaking up, we were at least guaranteed a lot of arguments and bad tension between the couples. These two mostly argued about Victoria’s ex-fiance Klaus, who Ted had offered some help to by allowing him to stay in his guest room. Talk about another situation making you grimace, here we had the best example of that. Klaus is played pretty over the top, and it would have served the character and show better if it would have been a one-and-done last week instead of what we got here. Now, it was Ted’s fault for attempting to be the hero, it’s certainly not out of character for Ted, as we know he would do something like this, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating or disappointing. It’s especially disappointing knowing that we only have Victoria for only a few more episodes, so why not make it count?

At the end of the episode, for the second straight week, we received a flash-forward, a little ways down the road. I wonder if it was a coincidence that we received them on back to back weeks, or if each episode will be like this. It’s something I certainly wouldn’t mind and that I’m actually rooting for to happen. I’m leaning more towards it being a coincidence though. Anyways, in the flash-forward, we see Barney being ecstatic about his wedding with Robin, and we find out that he will not be making Robin sign a pre-nup. It’s nothing too surprising, but it’s still great seeing those two so happy.

The tag at the end showed a not too funny exchange between Ted, Klaus and Victoria, but it did offer up an interesting, memorable quote, “It’s big comedy but you also really care about these characters.” Ted is referring to a video that Klaus is showing them, but pretty much, the quote describes How I Met Your Mother in a nutshell. So, towards the end of the episode, future Ted names the current timeline, the Autumn of Break-up. It is a name that works and kind of sticks with you. We know that one relationship is over, with Barney not being too crushed about it, and we also know that two other relationships will also come to an end very shortly. The only question about those break-ups is really, which one will end first?

As I mentioned last week, we are sprinting towards the finish line, and well the pieces have to be set in place. The Ted-Victoria relationship is of course doomed, but here’s to hoping that we at least get some memorable/sweet moments in the short time they do have left. Also, just a heads up, I’m staying away from spoilers, reviews and any ending discussions about this show up until it finishes so I’m really excited to just sit back and watch it all unfold. I really do hope that we get the official announcement soon about whether this will or won’t be the final season. Either way, I know I’ll be enjoying each and every new episode, while I hope you enjoy each and every review.


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