The Lion and the Fall

Story of my life. I’ve been dealing with these same issues since the day I was born. I’m a lion. No heir to any throne but rather I’ve been constantly told that I’m a sheep in lion’s clothing. Poor me right? The equivalent of a poor little rich boy. I’m at the top of the food chain so what could possibly be the problem. I couldn’t tell you.


So alone. I drove off my lifelong partner. She left me for a bigger and stronger lion. I imagine more sexually experienced too. I should have seen it coming a mile away. She was always more experienced than I was. Hell, she was the only partner I’ve ever had. By departing, she stripped me of whatever dignity and confidence I had left. I live for the run. There’s nothing I do better. Wounded by a chance encounter and a freak accident, my leg is no longer the same. I can walk normally, but it’s nowhere near the same as it was before. The place is abandoned. Seems like the world. I embrace the solitude. Time for the hunt. So hungry.


I’ve never seen this place before. Stranger in a strange land they say. No sight of any living animals. I should have been the leader of my own pack at this point in my life. Where did things change so drastically? Somewhere very early in life, instead of going with the natural order of things, I proclaimed, “Enough,” and I went left instead of right. My stomach growls louder than I ever could. I follow the darkness; leads to a cave. To my surprise: food. No time to think about what or whose. I devour exactly what is necessary. Off to the next one.


She always seemed out of place with me. She was never truly at ease. I was always the lion I thought she wanted me to be. She was always well-fed. Without thinking I’d give her anything she wanted and would gladly give her anything I had. I didn’t see it at the time but now I see how ungrateful she really was. She was dying to leave, now I’m back to dying inside. I’ve always been a dreamer. Laying here in the shade, wrapped in nostalgia and completely exposed and vulnerable to the world. I couldn’t care less. I tried living the other way; like them. I t wasn’t me. What a pitiful sight.


Other lions. Surprising. I can’t remember the last time I interacted with anyone. Probably around the time she left. It seems as if someone stole their food. What a shame. They seem furious. I’ll put that on the drought. I’d probably admit to it if they actually took the time out to ask. Instead they just wave their dicks around, growling and trying to intimidate. A smirk emerges. While laughing at them and daydreaming of better times, I almost walk right into the biggest thorn bushes I have ever seen. Freak of nature really with thorns as big as daggers. They lay directly under a cliff. Marvelous.


There she is. With him. It instantly hurts so much. The angry pack of lions has once again emerged. Their leader reveals himself. It had to be him. I’ve never hated anyone more. Our eyes meet and then he casually moves along. She finally spots me. Staring at me for no more than a second then quickly looking away. It’s as if she never knew me and what we had meant nothing. Pain fills my body and my eyes are now unable to open. Images take over of a past life. She is so beautiful. These were the best moments of my life. How could she move on so quickly? How could she so easily forget? How could she be so cold? What did I ever to do her? Why couldn’t I be that lion she wanted me to be? Why couldn’t I be more ambitious? My eyes open and they’re all gone. My head hangs low and a tear hits the ground.


Spread the word. The angry pack? I stole and ate their food. Make sure it gets back to them. The one tear was enough. I’m now filled with rage. She’s been brain washed by him. It has to be that. I must save her. She wants a warrior, the king of the jungle. That’s who I’ll be. Those five lions might as well be cubs because for her I’d move mountains and part seas. I see that now. I gave up too easy. Here they come. No need for words. I look down for a second then quickly sprint towards the king. I get a good shot in, then I’m struck by the one next to him. Suddenly I’m surrounded. Blood mixes with the dirt. The initial squirt isn’t mine. I must keep moving. I see two of them laying, unable to. The shots finally sink in and everything feels heavier. Two more drop, it’s now just me and him. I’m covered in blood, mine and theirs. Scratches and bruises are evident on him as well. A couple back and forth’s and then we pause, then quickly jump towards each other. I have him where I want him. Then I hear a loud, annoying, hi-pitched scream. I look towards that direction then feel the worst pain I’ve ever felt as I take a horrible blow to my leg. The bone nearly snaps and I hit the ground hard. We’re both now unable to stand. Then my love emerges. I smile. She screams once more, “What have you done?” I look at her, marveling at her beauty…confused, “You’re free.” I get no response. “I did it for you,” I tell her. She stares at me with disgust, “GET OUT OF HERE!” Still in shock, she now refuses to speak. Instead she only snuggles up to him. “Please,” I let out, “What else can I do?” She looks me up and down, “We will NEVER be.” She caresses her new partner, “We were a mistake.” She takes one last look at me and screams, “YOU WERE NEVER ENOUGH!”


Isolated again. So much pain. The bone is loose in my leg. I’m covered in scratches and bruises, but I’m numb to all of that. The pain is coming from somewhere deep down inside. She hurt me more than they ever could. I’m broken. She broke me. There was no brain washing or mind-control. She chose him. She wanted him. I pick myself up, barely able to stand. I walk slowly towards the edge of the cliff. I look out to the horizon. I think to my birth, I never had a chance. I think of my father and how he left me all alone in such a crazy world. I think of all the horrific wars I’ve been in with my fellow lions. Why? Why did we kill our own brothers? I think of all the stress involved with the wars. The nightmares and being unable to sleep. I think of lost friends. I think of you. You were the remedy to it all. You put me at such ease. Now I hardly recognize you and you feel absolutely nothing for me. I picture him…inside of you. I let out a growl that stops time. It hurts too much. My leg gives out. I drag myself towards the edge, my eyes now on those marvelous thorn bushes so many feet below. It all flashes before me. The wind brushes up against my fur as a smile comes across my face. I have finally…been set free.


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