Goodbye, Michael

This episode of The Office really did feel like the series finale so I’m not too sure how it goes on from here. I know they’re bringing a bunch of major celebrities to interview for Michael’s old job, but I still don’t see how much longer the show can go on. Steve Carrel’s Michael Scott is The Office and the show without the little kid lover will just not be the same.

That being said, that was the perfect farewell for Michael. The only thing that could have made it better would be if we somehow got to see Holly. However, we did get to hear her voice and what an awesome moment that was. Michael is unsure if he can actually leave the job and the people that he loves more than anything else so he begins freaking out. Michael calls up Holly and without him having to tell her what’s wrong, she fixes everything. It’s awesome and so wonderful that Michael has finally found the perfect woman–not just for him, but she might actually be the perfect woman.

The show was full of wonderful moments and good-byes from start to finish. Now the fact that the majority of the people in the office didn’t actually know that it would be goodbye yet adds a slight bittersweet feeling to it. Michael decides to leave a day early since he does know how hard it will be to say goodbye. It’s a bit dark and almost out of character for Michael since he always loves to be the center of attention. In this case, however, you can totally understand it. Now of course, there are some people in the office who just weren’t that close to Michael so they either get very small goodbyes or their goodbyes are combined with others.

Then there are the people who were real close to Michael. Michael has never really been too close to Andy, yet Michael gives him perhaps the greatest farewell gift: his top ten clients. Andy emphatically tells Michael that he will surely lose each client. Michael however, shows great trust in Andy and reassures him that he can be a great salesman. Now while Michael has always been somewhat under-qualified for his job, there’s no denying that the man is a great salesman so the trust put in Andy means a lot.

There were some wonderful moments as well between Michael and Dwight. In the open, Michael, realizing that Dwight is still angry at him, decides to humor him and mentions how their might be bears in the Colorado mountains. It leads to a discussion on whether carrying a sausage in your pocket would be a good idea or not. Michael later gives Dwight the recommendation letter that he so craved for. At first, Dwight believes (like many of us did) that the letter would be full of insults and put-downs so a sweet moment is formed once Dwight actually begins to read it. And in a final grand moment between the two, Michael invites Dwight to have a game of paint-ball with him. It’s the final time the two friends will ever bond in such a way. It hits you very strongly once you think about how much of a mentor Dwight considers Michael to be.

Now during all these farewells, Jim comes to realize Michael’s scheme. Jim enters Michael’s office for the final time and assures Michael that the choice he is making, is the right one. While Michael and Jim have had many ups and downs, deep down Jim knows who Michael really is. At the core of it, Michael really is good-natured and harmless and so deserving of these farewells. Michael has never been close to a perfect man. He is extremely flawed and so vulnerable. He was suffered enough pain in his life for several men. For all of these reasons it is great to see Michael finally get to that light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

The two men have a hard time getting through their conversation as small tears begin to form. Jim does manage to show his appreciation for Michael and calls him the best boss he has ever had. For us, knowing everyone that Jim has worked under, it’s easy to see the statement as a true one. It’s also very easy to see that whoever does take over as the new boss, will have a completely different approach to the job. The office will be more serious and more about actually getting down to business. It’s what many of the employees have wanted for so long, but once they do get it, they will instantly realize (as many already have) that they had it pretty good.

So as the time is running out, one person remains to say goodbye to: Pam. Michael constantly asks Jim about the whereabouts of Pam and Jim actually has no clue. Pam, having thought that Michael would not leave for another day, decides to blow off work and go see a movie. Four 0′ clock rolls around and the taxi pulls up. Michael knows it’s time. He slowly begins his walk out the office. As Michael approaches the door, he looks back and looks at his now former employees and sees that it is business as usual. It might be the best moment of the series for me. Why? It shows that life goes one, with or without you. So as they say goodbye to Michael (they think for the day), Michael can only hold back the tears and respond with his own farewell, except that he knows this is it.

Now at the airport, in a brilliant moment, Michael turns to the documentary film crew and tells them, “Let me know if this ever airs.” With the final nod, Michael takes off the microphone, we get a final (silent) that’s what she said and the man is off. As Michael walks away, Pam comes into the shot, shoes in hand. Since the mics are now off, the audio between the two goes unheard. Michael embraces Pam for the final time and is officially gone for good. It was great to see Pam give Michael such an amazing moment and goodbye. Especially when you consider that no one knows Michael better than Pam. The two have a long, amazing, up-and-down history and it was such a fitting goodbye.

So Michael is gone and it is bittersweet. We get the office without Michael, which really isn’t the office at all. On the other hand, we know that Michael will finally get the life that he was always wanted with the wife that he has always wanted. Too bad we won’t get to see the awesome relationship progress from marriage to kids and everything in between. It sure puts a smile on our faces though, just to think about it. One thing we will always have when it comes to Michael are the memories and damn, they were great and there were many.

Goodbye, Michael. See you on the other side.


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