Thoughts on How I Met Your Mother-Hopeless

Great rebound from the just okay episode from last week. About a minute after the show started, I knew I was in for a treat. Barney, in trying to impress his dad, creates alternate lives for his friends. As Barney introduces said friends to his father, he feels the need to tell his dad the truth: they’re also in a band. With that, we go into the title sequence. This time, however, ‘Barney’s band’ plays the instruments and hums the song. Awesome!

I have to remind myself at times that this is a sitcom, otherwise some of the things would be somewhat frustrating. Barney grew up without his father and did not see him for close to thirty years so surely things wouldn’t be this great for both of them so soon. Barney surely has a lot of anger towards his father, yet because it is a sitcom, a lot of the things cannot and will not be explored.

Small moments like Barney’s father, Jerry telling his son and then yelling at his son to put on his seat belt may come off as funny, but when you delve into it deeper, it’s pretty ridiculous. Then again, the set-up of this show with future Ted as the unreliable narrator allows the show to get away with a lot of things that most other sitcoms could not.

Barney’s best moment of the episode and possibly of the series was when he confessed to his father that he was broken and perhaps too far gone. You could almost see Barney become a real boy and no longer a cartoon-almost. His line, “Maybe I’ve already met her,” perhaps will give certain fans false hope as they hope and believe he is talking about Robin. Well that is a bit of wishful thinking since it’s pretty obvious that the person he is speaking of is Nora.

I have no problems with that as I feel like they shouldn’t just be hooking up within their inner circle simply because they are there. Robin’s a bit trickier since I never really like the guy’s that she’s into. Same goes here with her secret crush. Maybe I just didn’t get to see enough of him, but so far the only guy that I felt was a good fit for her (besides Mr. Mosby and Stinson, of course) was the small penis guy and well, I guess that’s a deal-breaker.

No Zoey this week, but since that relationship is on its last legs, she’s not really missed. Plus, she probably would have been a buzzkill when it came to Ted and Robin’s fake relationship and well, said relationship gave us some pretty good moments this week. Namely, finding out the origin of the red cowboy boots, Robin’s response to finding out they’d be a fake couple and Ted revisiting the, “I would have stolen you an entire orchestra,” line.

But there’s no doubt about it, this was Barney and Jerry’s episode. They opened the show with a flashback and the somber moment of Jerry walking out of his son’s life. They then closed with Barney accepting the invitation to go fishing, then Barney realized how much he had not missed and how much it sucked. The moment that sticked out however, was the previously mentioned discussion between father and son in the car.

Jerry reassured his son that he was way more far gone at one time and he managed to turn things around. He also told Barney that a good woman can change everything, well I believe things aren’t hopeless for Barney in that scenario. Let’s hope that our  favorite pervert can continue to develop into a real boy and leave the caricature behind. The schemes, hoodwinks, and cheap-tricks were fun to watch, but there’s definitely a beauty in maturity and progressing. Now that Barney has patched up his relationship with his father, let’s hope that Barney gets to continue to do both.


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