Super (film) review

Almost immediately after the film started, I pretty much got the gist of it. The film gets the obvious comparisons to Kick-Ass but let me tell you, this is no Kick-Ass. Yes, both films are about normal citizens becoming ‘super-heroes’ but that’s primarily as far as the comparisons go.

Super is very low-budget and it shows. I don’t even consider it to be a dark comedy. It’s very deranged, and the protagonist is a very psychotic man that is not all there and needs mental help. He’s not an easy guy to root for even though I guess we’re supposed to. It’s not to say he’s not sympathetic, sometimes he, like the movie, is hard to watch.

Ellen Page, as Rainn Wilson’s sidekick, plays a role she has never played before. Sure, many will always see her as Juno, but here she attempts to break new ground for herself and avoid being type-cast.

Being a HUGE Linda Cardellini fan, I welcome any appearance from her, even if said appearance does last only about a minute. She needs to get more work–NOW. I was also surprised to see Friday Night Lights alum Zach Gilford on my screen. It was a welcome surprise even if was too quick.

Liv Tyler plays Rainn Wilson’s wife who has fallen off the wagon. She looks beautiful even when she’s supposedly high out of her mind.

I have no idea if some of the stuff in the film is supposed to be funny or is going for laughs but if it is or they are, then it falls flat. Some of the stuff is just way too dark and deranged to be funny in anyway. It’d be like laughing at mentally challenged people. They obviously need help.

What I will give them is that they actually show that their actions have real consequences. There’s no riding off into the sunset…or on a jetpack for the two ‘super-heroes.’ It’s gruesome and has an ending that’s both fitting and appropriate. And after all the dust settles, there might be a ray of hope and a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

As I mentioned in the opening of this review, this is no Kick-Ass…nor is it supposed to be-I think. The film is almost 90 minutes of pure madness. Be warned, this film is not for everyone. I appreciate the ambition and what director James Gunn is trying to achieve, but I don’t think he succeeded.

I wanted to love this film, half-way through I would have settled for even just liking it. However, the more it went on and on, and the more the ‘protagonists’ descended into madness, the more of a blank stare I had and interest I lost. At the end, I was somewhat in disbelief and was left just shaking my head, thinking about what could have been.


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