Quick Thoughts (Review) on Scream 4

I have to say, I agree with people who have been saying that it’s the best Scream since the original. Not a terrifying film, but to me, Scream has never really been just a slasher movie. That’s not to say that this one or the previous entries aren’t terrifying at times, there’s just more to it.

There is an uneasiness to it that leaves you on the edge of your seat. From the second you hear the phone ring, you know that tensions are high and no one, those watching the movie and those in the movie, can rest easy. Those are the ‘scary movie’s’ I really love.

And boy, I do gotta say that I loved this movie and everyone involved in it. I found myself more of a fan of the younger cast for some reason. You can almost see the exhaustion in Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette which is why I find the ending a little questionable. Especially since this was supposed to kick off a new trilogy (which may still happen).

Avoiding any spoilers but I do feel like the young cast (or at least some of the young cast) surpassed the veterans. Watching some of those young stars, Aimee Teegarden, Hayden Panettiere, Allison Brie and especially Emma Roberts, I instantly saw stars being formed as each of the mentioned young actors ascended to the next level.

If you are a fan of any of the previous Scream movies, you will love this one. Even if you haven’t seen a Scream film before, you may still enjoy this one. There are twists and turns at every corner and the film absolutely flies by. Everyone is a suspect, no one is safe and all the rules are off.


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