Thoughts on Giants Opening Day

Well, rough start for the Giants offense. But you can’t take too much away from the young Dodgers ace as Kershaw was the main factor why the Giants did struggle so much. A lot of the hitters just looked confused out there tonight.

Tim Lincecum…great performance, tough break. 7 strong innings is not enough as a sloppy Giants defense let the multiple Cy Young winner down. Lincecum allowed an unearned run and starts off the year 0-1.

Brandon Belt had an impressive debut as he got his first major league hit in his first major league at-bat. Impressive at-bat for Belt in the ninth inning as well. He made the final out, but took the Dodgers closer to the limit. Overall=looked good. It’s only one game though and we all know how long the MLB season is.

Lefty Jonathan Sanchez is up next as he takes the mound tomorrow night. Hopefully, the fatigue is gone and the control is strong as we know Sanchez has the nastiest stuff on the Giants pitching staff. The question always is: can he focus? A strong performance can give the young lefty some much-needed confidence.

Well, it is only one loss and as I mentioned, it’s a long season. Tough challenge for the Giants tomorrow as Billingsley takes the mound for the Dodgers. 0-2 is a very good possibility for the Giants, but as long as panic doesn’t hit the team, they should be fine. I’d be happy teetering around .500 until their home-opener next Friday.

Opening day for the Giants has come and gone…win or lose, it’s good to have them back.


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