Thoughts on last week’s episode of The Office (Garage Sale)

The Office hit a home run last week. It didn’t matter that the Jim-Dwight-‘magic beans’ storyline was more miss than hit. It didn’t matter that the Andy-Darryl-Kevin storyline was only okay. The Garage Sale episode was an all-time classic for one reason: the Michael-Holly proposal.

Wow! It may rank as the best overall moment of The Office ever. It worked in every way imaginable. It was beautiful and funny, touching and heartbreaking (I’ll get to that). Holly is perfect for Michael in every way and it was never more evident than during their proposal. When Michael mimicked Yoda while asking for Holly’s hand in marriage, it was almost an ‘oh-oh’ moment. The hesitation quickly turned to a huge ear-to-ear smile as Holly responded to the question with her own Yoda imitation. During the exchange, it was clear as day that the two are a perfect match.

I have always been a huge Michael Scott fan and was able to relate to him in several ways. After a couple painful moments for Michael earlier in the season, it’s such a wonderful thing to finally see things going Michael’s way.

As far as the heartbreak goes, well, we all know Michael has always considered his co-workers to be his family. The feeling was never returned. Michael has always been a very lonely man. I remember the pain from watching his appearance on a TV show when he was just a child. The line, “I wanna have 100 kids so I can have 100 friends and no one can say no to being my friend,’ was mostly played for laughs but it was one of the most depressing and sad things I had ever heard.

Well, Michael’s co-workers had finally come to not only accept him, but they have come to see him as family. It’s been such a wonderful thing to see the relationship grow between Michael and Pam. She really knows him like no one else does (which terrifies her at times). Now, Michael is leaving.

Watching the reaction from the office as Michael told them he was moving to Colorado said it all. They were in shock, there was disbelief, and sadness all rolled in one. It is going to be hard to say goodbye to a character that many have gotten to root for and (possibly) love. There is a bright side to it though as Michael has genuinely never looked more happy.

Now, Michael and Holly prepare for their journey. No more camera’s following them around so we can dream up our own conclusion for the love birds. It’s not quite time yet to say goodbye to Michael, but it’s coming very soon. One thing is for sure: The Office will never be the same.


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